About Us


Coming from a variety of musical worlds (hip-hop, blues, rock, jazz, and gospel), The Blackout Project formed in 2007 through a web of connections at the University of Virginia. Within the first two months, the band won UVA’s Battle of the Bands, an accomplishment only achieved at the time by Parachute (Mercury Records) and Sons of Bill (Red Light Management). The win caught the attention of producer Chris Keup (Jason Mraz, OAR, Parachute), who invited The Blackout Project to record their first record at his studio. The Blackout Project EP, endorsed by Maxine Jones of the Grammy-nominated R&B group En Vogue as a “must for purchasing,” propelled the band onto bigger and brighter stages. Throughout 2007 and 2008, The Blackout Project performed from Knoxville to NYC to promote their music and broaden their loyal fan base.

In 2009, The Blackout Project took its music to new heights by arranging three tracks for a joint performance with the 19-piece UVA jazz ensemble. The band received a standing ovation and was described as “amazing” by jazz trumpet great and ensemble leader, John D’earth. With the horn arrangements in mind, The Blackout Project went back into the studio and recorded their second EP, A Second Look. Mixed by Chris Kress (Dave Matthews Band’s Live Trax and Stand Up), the EP was finalized in late 2009 and released in January 2010.

The band is young and growing – as performers and as songwriters. While they take their music very seriously, they never hold back from having a seriously awesome time on stage. Rockers at heart, The Blackout Project delivers a high-energy set from start to finish. Their shows are so infectious that fans from Knoxville all the way to Boston have traveled to see their gigs in Charlottesville.

We truly appreciate our fans, love communicating with them, and hope you will become one. Thanks for listening.

Kevin-1.jpg  Kevin Turner (emcee)

Word-1.jpg  Robert Word (guitar & vocals)

Chris-1.jpg  Chris Plietz (keys)

Ryan-1.jpg  Ryan Gilchrist (bass)

Granville-1.jpg  Granville Mullings, Jr. (drums)

Matt’s website: http://paramountadjusters.net/
Chris’s website: http://strongerthansum.com/

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