A 21st century band…

To begin our blog, it seems most appropriate to give an introduction to the band’s current situation and the purpose/mission of this blog.

The Blackout Project formed 3 years back in Charlottesville, VA. We all lived within 10 minutes of each other – had a rehearsal space about 15 minutes away – and rehearsed and performed frequently. Well, since June of last year (’09), the band is facing its biggest challenge, yet — distance. Granville is up finishing up his schooling in Boston at Berklee, Word moved down to Charleston because his wife got her residency at the hospital down there, Kevin got a job up in DC, and Ryan and Chris have remained in Charlottesville with their respective jobs. Is this tough? Of course, but is the band working any less? NO.

We’ve come to terms with our situation and realized, though it seems like a challenge, communication and collaboration through email and the phone is easy. One person will write something, send out an mp3 or a Reason file (we all use that program), and another one will build on it, send our another draft — and so forth. Ultimately, the song will be complete once we all meet in a studio – but we can get really close before that just through recording and writing in our own separate spaces. This process seems crazy, right? But it’s not impossible. The internet can let us do anything – including telling y’all about it, which brings up the point of this blog:

To keep your constantly updated on our work. If we’re already sending music & videos to each other, why not post them for you to hear/view and comment? (and please do comment) Our mission is for you, our fans, to get to know our music, but, at the same time, get to know us as individuals, our creative process, and whatever else you want to know. Not every post we make will be specifically about The Blackout Project, but hopefully you’ll enjoy those too.

And, although we’re in four different cities, our live performances won’t stop. Just keep your ears and eyes open – and join the mailing list. We ask your state and town for a reason – if we’re up there, we’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading this far and being the fans that you’ve been. We look forward to posting more soon.

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